Our Gorilla Campaign

Our Gorilla Campaign


We are excited to announce our Gorilla Ambassador campaign! All of our products that feature a gorilla on them raise money towards Congo Tourism Gate for their community outreach programs through each individual sale. Get stompin' and swing in. We worked hard on designing our gear so you can look good while supporting a great cause! Feel free to browse our products.

All of the artwork featured on our products are original designs.



Donate here: Congo Tourism Gate | HERPETOLOGIE LLC 


Congo Tourism Gate (CTG) is a Non-Profit Organization which hosts educational programs to protect the local wildlife through their Gorilla Ambassador campaign. 

CTG actively works with various national parks in the region, more specifically through their partnerships with Virunga National Park and the Kahuzi-Biega National Park.

These parks are home to the critically endangered eastern mountain gorillas and the western lowland gorillas. The work they are doing to protect these animals in that region is so important. The fight starts with the people there and we want to put a spotlight on their efforts.

CTG provides classes to children to teach them about conservation at a young age. Often times, they travel with the children to the national parks. This is when they can see the gorillas firsthand and learn about them. Education is powerful and these types of programs help ensure conservation efforts for generations to come.

The national parks in Congo rely on tourism for as much as 40% of their funding. CTG works hand in hand with the national parks to accommodate tourists on gorilla treks through the jungle where they can observe wild mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. A single gorilla trekking permit from the national parks can cost up to $1000USD per person. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, travel is limited to many regions, forcing the national parks to rely on alternative methods to raise funds.

COVID-19 is as dangerous to the gorillas as it is to humans. After all, they share 97% of their DNA with us. The people who can visit the national parks have to remain at a safe distance from the gorillas to protect them. 

In order to pick up where the 2020 pandemic has left them, HERPETOLOGIE™ has been licensed to help raise funds for Congo Tourism Gate through our label.

Help us help them.

Become a Gorilla Ambassador with HERPETOLOGIE™!

HERPETOLOGIE LLC is an Official Partner of Congo Tourism Gate.