Help Us Help Them

The idea is to raise money AND awareness through our clothing and merchandise.  Become an Animal Ambassador through one of our campaigns! You can help raise awareness by wearing our gear. We give everyone something exciting to look at, while also sparking a much needed conversation. That conversation is conservation.

The more support we get, the more support we can give.


Each of our partners will have their own products tailored specifically to reflect their respective campaigns. If you see a product that features an animal that you like, make that purchase, and we will donate money from that sale to help that animal through the work of our partners. All fundraising campaigns will remain separate from one another, meaning that they will each raise their own funding. Keeping every campaign separate allows us to put more funding towards each of our individual partners. 

We put a lot of work into our products, so pick what you like and feel confident that we will carry out our promise to our planet and to our partners.


These animals matter.

The work our partners do matters.



Let's do some good together.

HERPETOLOGIE LLC aims to support conservation efforts worldwide.