News & Updates

Entry for 12/29/2020 -

On December 26th, our young Gorilla Ambassadors had a Christmas Party! During our small gathering, the children were given gifts, cool new shirts, and spent most of their day drawing Christmas Trees. The future is looking very bright for this community program.


Entry for 12/18/2020 -

Last week, our young Gorilla Ambassadors visited the trees that they planted for National Tree Day. All of the children were very happy to see that their trees were growing strong and firmly planted right where they left them. We want to say a special thank you to Virunga National Park for donating these trees to our  program. Photo below


Entry for 12/15/2020 -

Michigan House of Agriculture adjourned the meeting on the HB6455 until Today, Tuesday 12/15/2020. However, due to certain circumstances, the meeting was cancelled. No action was taken on HB6455. 

Please remain civil and contact the House Clerk's at 517-373-0135 for more information regarding this Bill.


Entry for 12/14/2020 -

The new House Bill 6455 was introduced to ban numerous types of reptiles from private ownership or sanctuaries and zoological sites in the State of Michigan. HB6455 will affect responsible reptile owners and greatly impact the work of our partners. This Bill was only introduced to target irresponsible private owners who mismanage these animals. The Critchlow Alligator Sanctuary is a responsible facility that gives care to rescued animals. The animals in their care were either rescued or surrendered to the Sanctuary by private owners. Some animals were also surrendered to them by law enforcement if confiscated from an irresponsible party. The work they do at Critchlow Alligator Sanctuary is so important and we cannot let this Bill affect their work! Let's work to revise HB6455 and become an Alligator Ambassador with HERPETOLOGIE™.


Entry for 12/05/2020 -

December 5th was National Tree Day! Our young Gorilla Ambassadors set out to plant trees in the village of KIBUMBA. Congo Tourism Gate teamed up with World Wildlife Fund and Virunga National Park to make this possible. Photo below

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