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We want to offer artists and photographers a platform to showcase their work, all while helping fund our partners' efforts. All of our artwork is available for purchase on reproduced canvases right here on our website. Every piece featured by our brand are all originals.

   Critchlow's Retreat by Emily Spicer

    © All Rights Reserved HERPETOLOGIE LLC

 This piece features an anthropomorphic alligator wearing sunglasses and a red striped polo shirt while hanging out in some foliage. 


Side Profile Alligator Photograph by Paris Taylor

  © All Rights Reserved HERPETOLOGIE LLC
This photograph was taken at Critchlow Alligator Sanctuary. It features the side profile of an alligator catching some shade on a small hill.

Golden Gorilla by Emily Spicer

    © All Rights Reserved HERPETOLOGIE LLC
 This piece features a large golden gorilla standing in an upright position. It represents the hardship that the eastern mountain gorilla had endured in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. The gorillas represented by this piece were on the brink of extinction and revived through conservation efforts.