Our Dolphin Gear

Our Dolphin Gear

This is our Dolphin Ambassador campaign! All of our products that feature a dolphin or whale on them raise money towards Dolphin Project through each individual sale. These animals deserve to be wild. We worked hard on designing our gear so you can look good while supporting a great cause! Feel free to browse our products.

All of the artwork featured on our products are original designs. 

Donate here: Dolphin Project | HERPETOLOGIE LLC 

Celebrating 50 long years of activism, we are beyond excited to be working with Ric O' Barry's Dolphin Project! As the hunting season in Japan comes to an end, we decided to launch our campaign here to keep their work relevant.

The captivity industry cares about money; not dolphins. Dolphins and whales are very social just like us. In the wild, dolphins are constantly on the move, travelling many miles every single day. They explore their rich environment and interact with other wild dolphins. They play together, hunt together, and even sleep together in close-knit pods. 

Dolphin Project is a Non-Profit organization that intervenes and stops the exploitation of these amazing animals. Primarily working in Japan, Dolphin Project works hard to defend the Striped Dolphin, bottlenose dolphin, and various other aquatic species.


Let's work together to keep these animals wild! 


Become a Dolphin Ambassador with HERPETOLOGIE™ today!

HERPETOLOGIE LLC is an official partner of Dolphin Project.